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Coordinating activities and collaborating between different software development teams can be difficult. OSCORP TECHNOLOGY INC allows you to interact with software development teams to manage the digital transformation for your business, company or industrial process

OSCORP TECHNOLOGY is made up of professionals who are experts in different areas such as innovation, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, renewable energies, Deep learning and data science who will actively participate in the project, creating complete access to our clients to management change, report customization, planning and quality control for effective digital transformation.


Work smarter and faster

We track, plan, and collaborate with linked work items and tracking. We can get strategic projects started faster by equipping developers with the tools and resources they need.

support everywhere

Ability to carry out project management from any location, due to our cloud architecture that allows development even when your teams are geographically distributed.

Visibility, monitoring and follow-up

Stay on top of project activities and team progress with multi-level dashboards and reporting facilities. Take advantage of task charts, product backlogs, and diagrams to communicate progress.

Generation of Value

Use the cloud to get ready quickly and focus on technology innovation. Friendly development templates and field tracking help you speed up project initiation using best practices.

best control - best decisions

Dashboards and analytics provide a single source of visualization, so you can quickly respond to positive and negative indicators in your projects. They also integrate with popular change management systems.

the most suitable alternative for your digital transformation …


Discover all the work possibilities that are available for the development of digital projects

The most suitable option for your digital tranformation

Development of custom software

Increase the productivity and innovation of your business by developing a software or application that optimizes your process and allows the continuous creation of value.

Advice for a digital transformation

We will be with you from before the start of the project until the start-up and after it to ensure that your business grows in a safe, profitable and smarter way.

Strategic alliances for better decisions

Our team accompanied by our allies in software development, artificial intelligence, robotics and Deep learning, we will find the most appropriate solution to your needs, presenting you the best options in a friendly and concrete way.