Technological solutions tailored and for every need

We have extensive experience in the development of custom software, often necessary to solve specific needs of a company or group that are not served by commercial general-purpose software.

To carry out these projects we adapt to the characteristics of each client in terms of their technology, such as different languages, database managers, operating systems, development environments, etc.

• Web application that automates operational management in the areas of manufacturing, services and major projects.
• Web service for the automation of hotel operational management.
• Web application for managing compliance with physical security standards in banking agencies.
• Web application for the management of suppliers and contractors based on self-management and with performance indicators to ensure quality.
• Web application that simulates a methanol production plant from natural gas for training control room operators.
• Client server application for project management in a specialized technical services division.
• Client server application, later migrated to the web, to automate the management of personnel development based on competencies.

•Client server application for the issuance of pins and security codes, their encryption, secure handling in the database and verification at the time of applying the card.
• Design, implementation and commissioning of a Big Data pilot platform in the Telecommunications area.

All these applications have involved the use of languages ​​such as: Java, JS, Python, C, PHP, HTML, XML; It has also worked with frameworks such as: Django, Angular, among others; database drivers like: MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL; tools like: Netbeans, PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, etc; and a great variety of graphic libraries and other utilities.

Intelligence trough analytical models based on data

Thanks to the conjunction of advances in computing technology at the hardware level, the automation of distributed computing processes, the consolidation of programming languages adapted to calculation and the incorporation of new techniques, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Participation in projects in a wide variety of sectors: Financial, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, has given us extensive knowledge regarding business and its opportunities with this technology.

In total, more than fifty process simulation models have been developed based on different techniques and for different sectors and areas of the business, for example:

• Cellular Telephony and Related
• Banking
• Retail sale
• Distribution
• Production
• Insurance
• Oil industry.

Robotic automation or process intelligence based on commercial or open source codes

LOLA Solutions has developed a framework or platform that allows the digitalization, automation and intelligent integration of a company’s processes, all with a real-time management approach at all levels of responsibility. We also have the ability to use other platforms such as UiPAth, DWG, Automagica, among others.

LOLA Solutions achieves its purpose thanks to an architecture based on modules that are integrated into a common platform, LOLA Core, and a series of process configuration tools, dashboards, reports, document management policies, among others.

LOLA Solutions framework is designed to operate from a cloud service such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, although it can be installed in a private cloud at the company intranet level.

LOLA Solutions incorporates an Operational Intelligence module where it has the ability to generate dashboards, reports, incorporate business rules for inventory, maintenance, process control, etc.

Cloud computing platforms

Definition, configuration and operation of cloud computing platforms.

Another of the services offered by LOLA Solutions is the definition, configuration and operation of cloud computing platforms, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cluod or Digital Ocean.

The development and testing environment at LOLA Solutions has been based on the use of clouds since its inception, hence these are our natural working infrastructure.

This service is generally associated with the development of a specific solution for a client, when it constitutes part of the project that is carried out to generate the solution.

However, there is experience in the operation of clouds and their optimal configuration, and configuration, migration to clouds and operation projects have been carried out.

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LOLA Solutions has its own platform for the development of technological solutions, as well as the adaptability to base technologies according to the complexity of the process.